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Human Figurations Journal


Human Figurations: Long-term Perspectives on the Human Condition was an interdisciplinary open-access, peer-reviewed journal supported and sponsored by the Norbert Elias Foundation that published original articles from 2012 to 2021.

While Elias is best known for his theory of civilizing processes, he wrote on an astonishing range of topics, including violence, war, sport, ageing and dying, time, work, art, music, poetry, utopias and the relations between the sexes. Fundamentally, he advanced what have been called both a ‘post-philosophical’ theory of knowledge and the sciences, and an ‘historical social psychology’. His conception of the discipline of sociology was far broader than that which has now become institutionalized in the rather narrow departments of sociology in contemporary universities. In consequence, he inspires researchers from many disciplines, especially people working in the interstices between conventional disciplines: history (especially world historians and social historians), criminology, international relations, anthropology and political science. Human Figurations attracted contributions from across these fields, the unifying theme being a broad concern with long-term processes of the development of human society and the human condition.

All the volumes published by the journal can be consulted on this page.


List of volumes (2012 – 2021)


Volume 1, issues 1 and 2 (January and July 2012)

Volume 2, issues 1, 2 and 3 (February, July and November 2013)

Volume 3, issues 1 and 2 (February and June 2014)

Volume 4, issues 1, 2 and 3 (January, March and September 2015)

Volume 5, issues 1 and 2 (March and July 2016)

Volume 6, issues 1 and 2 (May and September 2017)

Volume 7, issue 1 (May 2018)

Volume 8, issue 1 (August 2019)

Volume 9, issue 1 (2021)