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Volume 1

Issue 1 (January 2012)


Editor’s Introduction: Long-term perspectives on the human condition, Katie Liston.

Norbert Elias and the social history of knowledge, Peter Burke.

Elias and/or Adorno – a short personal reflection and perspective from a musicologist, Olle Edström.

Long-Term Patterns of Change in Human Interconnectedness: A View from International Relations, Andrew Linklater.

European body cultures and the making of the modern world: Zones of prestige and established–outsider relations, Joseph Maguire.

Elias in the Footsteps of Hobbes?, Gary Wickham and Barbara Evers.

Energy and Civilisation, Johan Goudsblom.

Civilizing Earth, Peter Westbroek.

Book Reviews, Jeffrey S. Adler ; Godfried van Benthem van den Bergh; Charlotte Pezeril; John Connolly; Paddy Dolan.


Issue 2 (July 2012)


Editor’s Introduction: Sociology and International Relations: The Future?, Andrew Linklater.

Norbert Elias and the human condition, Godfried van Benthem van der Bergh.

The Taming of Economic Aristocracies, Reinhard Blomert.

Politics in a World of Civilizations: Long-term Perspectives on Relations between Peoples, Brett Bowden.

Viewing the Development of Human Society from Asia, Shogo Suzuki.

Reconfiguring Elias: Historical Sociology, the English School, and the Challenge of International Relations, John M. Hobson.

Cultures of Anarchy as Figurations: Reflections on Wendt, Elias and the English School, Aurélie Lacassagne.

Figurational Sociology and the Democratic Peace – Holy Allies and Liberal Threats, Bernd Bucher.

About Post-National Integration in Norbert Elias’s Work Towards a Socio-Historical Approach, Florence Delmotte.

Realism and Reality Congruence: Sociology and International Relations, Stephen Mennell.

Book Reviews, Stephen Vertigans; Daniel Klenbort; Helmut Kuzmics; Brett Bowden; Reinhard Blomert; Artur Bogner.