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The Norbert Elias Foundation is a non-profit Foundation under Dutch law, a Stichting. Having been himself involved in its creation in 1983, Norbert Elias chose the Foundation to be the sole beneficiary of his belongings and the royalties of his work. Current income of the Foundation derives from copyrights and gifts. Members of the Board do their work voluntarily and without payment. For the activities of the Foundation, see the relevant sections of the website.

Larger donations to the Foundation have been made for earmarked purposes (such as workshops for younger scholars), as well as general scholarly activities. For generous gifts, we are particularly grateful to the late Pieter Spierenburg (see Figurations no. 51, 2019, p. 13-14), whose bequest made it possible to build and launch the new website. The donation of late Eric Dunning (see is intended to organise an international summer school. The bequest of the late Andrew Linklater (see Figurations no. 59, 2023, p. 10-15) will support various scholarly activities.

The Foundation is grateful for any donation, large and small, specified or general, anonymous or denominated. For any queries relating to donations, please contact Arjan Post at the secretariat of the Foundation, at:


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