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Volume 6

Issue 1 (May 2017)


Editor’s Introduction, Katie Liston.

Apologia pro vita sociologica sua: social character and historical process, and why I became an Eliasian sociologist, Stephen Mennell.

The sociogenesis of terrorism as part of English–Irish relations during the nineteenth century, Michael Dunning.

On the Habitual Dimension of Problems of Democratisation; Using the Example of Egypt after the Arab Spring, Behrouz Alikhani.

The Cooley-Elias-Goffman Theory, Thomas Scheff.

Informalisation and Evolution: Four Phases in the Development of Steering Codes, Cas Wouters.

Book Reviews.


Issue 2: Comparative-Historical Sociology as Antidote to the ‘Crackpot Realism’ of the Twenty-First Century  (September 2017)


Guest Editors’ Introduction: Comparative-Historical Sociology as Antidote to the ‘Crackpot Realism’ of the Twenty-First Century, Alex Law; Stephen Mennell.

History is Not Bunk: Why Comparative Historical Sociology is Indispensable When Looking to the Future, Stephen Mennell.

The Decivilising Effects of the Financial System, Fernando Ampudia de Haro.

Difficulties of the EU as a Common Object for Identification, Behrouz Alikhani.

The Social Bases of Democracy Revisited; or, Why Democracy Cannot Be Dropped in Bombs from B62s at 30,000 Feet, Stephen Mennell.

The Narcissism of National Solipsism: Civic Nationalism and Sub-State Formation Processes in Scotland, Alex Law.

Comparative-Historical Sociology as Professional Practice, Eric Royal Lybeck.

Learning from the Past: How Local Economic Conventions Influence Responses to Global Crises, Nina Baur; Linda Hering.

‘Problems of involvement and detachment’: Norbert Elias and the investigation of contemporary social processes, John Lever; Ryan Powell.