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Volume 2

Issue 1 (February 2013)


Editor’s Introduction, Katie Liston.

The Advancement of Humanity, Bruce Mazlish.

Water is not (yet) a commodity: Commodification and rationalization revisited, José Esteban Castro.

American Civilization, Charles A. Jones.

Emotions and Habitus of Officers as Reflected in Great Literature: The Case of the Habsburg Army from 1848 to 1918, Helmut Kuzmics.

Manufacturing Austerity in the Eurozone, Matt Clement.

Norbert Elias and the Habits of Good Sociology, Jason Hughes.

Book Reviews.


Issue 2 (July 2013)


Editor’s Introduction: ‘The most important thinker that you have never heard of’?, Katie Liston.

Social Capital as a source of Majority Sentiment, Michael Banton.

The Theoretical Concept of the ‘Civilising Offensive’ (Beschavingsoffensief): Notes on its Origins and Uses, Ryan Powell.

Wittgenstein, Gellner, and Elias: From the Philosophy of Language Games to a Figurational Sociology of Knowledge, Steven Loyal; Stephen Quilley.

Critique and Overcritique in Sociology, Richard Kilminster.

Decivilization in the 1960s, Steven Pinker.

Drawing Elias – Sketches from Four Interviews, Jason Hughes; John Goodwin.

Four Interviews with Norbert Elias, Gregor Hahn; Aafke Steenhuis; Martin-Jochen Schulz; Helmut Hetzel.

Book Reviews.


Issue 3: Everyday practices and long term-processes: Overcoming dichotomies with the work of Norbert Elias (November 2013)


Everyday practices and long term-processes: Overcoming dichotomies with the work of Norbert Elias, Rineke Van Daalen; Giselinde Kuipers.

Sublimating Resentment: Following Elias along Five Paths toward Another Sociology, Nathalie Heinich.

Polish Political Refugees in Norway: Between the Established and the Outsiders, Marta Bucholc.

Classroom preoccupations: The shadow of the past in Dutch vocational training, Rineke Van Daalen.

Decontrolled by solidarity: Understanding recreational violence in moral holidays, Don Weenink.

The postliberal politics of halal: new directions in the civilizing process?, John Lever.