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Volume 5

Issue 1: Social Character, Historical Processes (March 2016)


Editor’s Introduction, Katie Liston.

Civilised Provocations in the Lion’s Den…, Arjan Post.

The Prinsenhof Lecture, Norbert Elias.

Shame as Social Pain, Johan Goudsblom.

Towards an integration of Lust and Love? Eroticisation and Sexualisation since the 1880s, Cas Wouters.

Elias and the Sociology of Ideas: A Critique of Randall Collins’s Microsociology of Intellectual Change, Gilbert Thomas Krendl.

The Myth of Social Progress, Revisited, David Lempert.

Risks of corruption and the development of self-control of public officials, Aleksejs Šņitņikovs.

Book Reviews.


Issue 2 (July 2016)


Editors’ Introduction: Stephen Mennell – The sociable character, Steven Loyal, Barbara Górnicka, Katie Liston.

Guides on my way to Elias, Johan Goudsblom.

When European Studies Meets The American Civilizing Process: A Short Tribute to Stephen J. Mennell, Florence Delmotte.

American exceptionalism? The growth of income and wealth inequality in the United States and other Western societies, Nico Wilterdink.

The ‘Standard of Civilisation’ in World Politics, Andrew Linklater.

Notes on the Idea of a Nation, Godfried van Benthem van den Bergh.

Bourdieu on the state: An Eliasian Critique, Steven Loyal.

Functional Democratisation and Disintegration as Side-Effects of Differentiation and Integration Processes, Cas Wouters.

Sociological reading of diary fragments 1940–1945, Christien Brinkgreve; Rineke van Daalen.

The Polish Constitutional Crisis 2015–16: A Figurational Perspective, Marta Bucholc.