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Volume 4

Issue 1: Civilising Offensives (January 2015)


Introduction to the Special Issue of Human Figurations on Civilising Offensives, John Flint; Bernard Kruithof; Ryan Powell.

The Dutch bourgeois civilising offensive in the nineteenth century, Bernard Kruithof.

Beschavingsoffensief (civilising offensive): from sociological concept to moral appeal, Ali de Regt.

Home from Home: UK civilising offensives in residential childcare, Stephen Vertigans.

Balances between civilising processes and offensives: Adult-child relations in Irish primary schools from the mid-nineteenth century, Paddy Dolan.

Thatcher’s civilising offensive: The Ridley Plan to decivilise the working class, Matt Clement.

Containing the Urban Poor – Coercion or Consent? Disciplining Missions and Civilising Offensives in the Netherlands, Rob van Ginkel.

‘We are not long-haired hippies …’ Civilising offensives, suffering, doping and professional cycling, John Connolly.

Civilising offensives and decivilising processes: between the emic and the etic, Stephen Mennell.

Book Reviews.


Issue 2: Reflections on Global Power Relations (March 2015)


Editor’s Introduction: Reflections on Global Power Relations, Katie Liston.

Explaining American Hypocrisy, Stephen Mennell.

Rejected Modernity, Bruce Mazlish.

Incoherent Empire Revisited: Against Interventionism, Michael Mann.

Problems of Orientation and Control: Marx, Elias and the Involvement–Detachment Balance in Figurational Sociology, André Saramago.


Issue 3 (September 2015)


Editor’s Introduction, Katie Liston.

Discussing theories and processes of civilisation and informalisation: criteriology, Cas Wouters, Stephen Mennell.

Twenty-five years on: Norbert Elias’s intellectual legacy 1990–2015, Barbara Górnicka; Katie Liston; Stephen Mennell.

Approaching new migration through Elias’s ‘established’ and ‘outsiders’ lens, Olga Petintseva.

The Medieval Housebook and Elias’s ‘Scenes from the Life of a Knight’: A case study fit for purpose?, Patrick Murphy.

Using Fantasy: Notes on Elias’s Sociology, Paolo Giovannini.

Book Reviews.