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New editions now out: Quest for Excitement/ The Established and the Outsiders

Posted on by Stephen Mennell

New titles in the Collected Works of Norbert Elias series published by University College Dublin Press, in co-operation with the Norbert Elias Foundation:

Elias with Eric Dunning, QUEST FOR EXCITEMENT, edited by Eric Dunning, 978-1-904558-43-9 60 Euro or £45

Elias with John L. Scotson, THE ESTABLISHED AND THE OUTSIDERS, edited by Cas Wouters, 978-1-904558-92-7 60 Euro or £45

QUEST FOR EXCITEMENT includes an extra essay by Elias, never before published, and a completely revised and updated essay on football hooliganism by Eric Dunning. THE ESTABLISHED AND THE OUTSIDERS includes the essay ‘The Maycomb Model’, written by Elias a few weeks before his death and not previously published in English. The editors have in both cases made many corrections and annotations to the earlier texts.

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