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CFR Seminar: Brazil under Bolsonaro: Is the concept of decivilizing offensive viable?

by Tatiana Savoia Landini

Thursday, 5 October 2023, 16:00, on Zoom

The Center of Figurational Research invites to the first seminar of the new academic year. Revisiting a paper presented at The Fantasy-Reality Continuum conference last year (co-authored with Enio Passiani), the main aim of Tatiana Landini’s presentation is to discuss the recent period in Brazilian history using the framework of Elias’ figurative sociology. She will start with a reading of long-term processes to identify directions and continuities that allowed the acceptance of an extreme right-wing regime, as proposed by Bolsonaro. This will be followed by a more challenging proposal to use the controversial concept of decivilizing offensive to understand this specific period in Brazilian history.

The conference will be held on Zoom. Please register here: