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Recent publication: “Established-Outsider Relations in Poland: Reconfiguring Elias and Scotson”, edited by Marta Bucholc

The book Established-Outsider Relations in Poland: Reconfiguring Elias and Scotson, edited by Marta Bucholc, has been published as another volume in Palgrave Series on Norbert Elias on Springer.

“This book uses Norbert Elias and John L. Scotson’s The Established and The Outsiders to map selected established-outsiders figurations in Poland after 1989. Looking at gender and sexual orientation, nationalism and patriotism, race and class, antifeminism and homophobia, elitist and populist imaginaries, religious and political ideals and ideologies, hate speech, and the crisis of the rule of law, this book tracks how inequalities are transformed into figurations of the have and the have-nots by way of spatial, symbolic and institutional exclusion. This edited collection is rooted in a socio-historical understanding of the trajectory of Polish society before and since the fall of Communism over thirty years ago, and a critical assessment of the dramatic turn that Polish society has taken since the beginning of the democratic backsliding in 2015″ [publisher’s summary].

The editors are thankful to all of the colleagues with whom they have shared comments and insights, but special thanks go out to Jason Hughes, who – when visiting them in Warsaw in May 2023 – has devoted a significant amount of time to help them shape this book.

The ebook is available here: