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Fashion, beauty and Elias

The journal Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty is looking for contributions to the study of fashion, body, beauty, identity and appearance. This flagship fashion journal of Intellect Books launched 8 years ago, spearheaded a successful series of visual culture journals of that publisher. It developed a unique voice of critical analysis in the widening landscape of fashion research.

The notion of “fashion” adopted by the journal is a broad church which covers anything from material culture, cultural practices such as etiquette and body comportment, to visual identities and gender presentation and of course, fashion, in its consumption, production or representational aspects. It published articles about fashion representation in art, about food fashions, and about the ritual of US presidential dances, to give some examples of topics one might not immediately associate with the field. It is keen on promoting social science approaches, as they are not often welcomed in art/fashion venues.

The founding editor, Professor Efrat Tseëlon is particularly looking for figurational sociology, and Eliasian perspectives.
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