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The National University of Colombia and Corpovisionarios together are organizing the next International Symposium of Civilizing Processes (SIPC) to be held in Bogotá from 16th to 19th of November 2020. The SIPCs were born in 1996 thanks to a Brazilian initiative and they are being carried out at a biannual pace, in order to encourage the exchange of ideas and research results among scientists of various disciplines who find in Norbert Elias’s work a source of guidance to face the challenges of today’s world and who share interest in reality-adjusted social sciences. With this in mind, the call for SIPC 2020 is addressed to scientists from all over the world. In order to foster mutual understanding and broad discussions, simultaneous translation (Portuguese, Spanish, English) will be available for sessions that require it. With the aim of encouraging the renewal of the international Eliasian community, speakers who are students of any level (including doctoral students) are exempted from registration fees.


Special attention will be given to the following topics:

  1. Past and present of violence in relationships between human beings (from the interpersonal to the international level).
  2. The theories of human development in the history of humanity in light of the neuroscience revolution.
  3. Digital citizenship, realities and problems of citizen participation in new forms of communication.
  4. Education: historical developments, consequences of recent reforms, perspectives.
  5. The foundations on which mainstream economic theory is based, their practical consequences and the contrast of these foundations with a processual epistemology.


However, all the thematic proposals are welcome.

Proposals should be sent before May 4 of 2020, abstracts not exceeding 500 words. The approval of the papers will be announced on June 29 and the deadline for reception of the final document (full paper to be included in USB) will be September 15.

Contact e-mail:

Registration fee: 200,000 Colombian pesos.

Student speakers (with a certificate of their condition) do not pay registration.

Place: National University of Colombia (agreements are made with hotels in the vicinity of the University).


The Norbert Elias Foundation in the same spirit of facilitating the passage of the torch to the next generation is studying the possibility of additional support for transatlantic passages.