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Norbert Elias Book Prize 2020

The Board of the Norbert Elias Foundation has decided to revive the Norbert Elias Prize, which has been in abeyance for the last few years. The new prize, of €1,000, will be awarded every two years. Pivotal is an original and well-written argument significantly inspired by Elias’s oeuvre; a strict Eliasian paradigm is not required. English-language books (including translations) must not be older than two years; for the next round this means eligible works should be published in 2018 and 2019.

Unlike for the earlier incarnation of the Prize, although priority will be given to less experienced scholars or newcomers, it will no longer be a strict requirement that only a first book by an author may be considered for the prize.

The jury for the 2020 Prize will consist of Professors Stephen Mennell (Dublin, chair), Annette Treibel (Karlsruhe) and Stephen Vertigans (Aberdeen).

Nominations for the prize should be sent to Arjan Post, Secretary to the Norbert Elias Foundation, by 30 April 2020, either by post to J.J. Viottastraat 13, 1071 JM Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or by email to