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New Publication on Elias and Mentoring

Posted on by Anke Barzantny

I’m delighted to inform you that my dissertation is now published in the VS-Verlag:

Barzantny, Anke: Mentoring-Programme für Frauen. Maßnahmen zu Strukturveränderungen in der Wissenschaft? Eine figurationssoziologische Untersuchung zur akademischen Medizin.

In this research project I employed Norbert Elias’ Established-Outsiders-Figuration in order to describe the situation of men an women in academia and to evaluate a so called “mentoring-programm” at a german university and clinic. For my study I conducted qualitative interviews with people (from student to director) who were working in a university hospital. The results show quite clearly, firstly, the constraints of the figuration which may hinder women’s progress in medical science and secondly, the intended but also not intended effects of formal mentoring.