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New Book: The Social Organisation of Marketing: A Figurational Approach

The Social Organisation of Marketing: A Figurational Approach to People, Organisations, and Markets

Editors: John Connolly and Paddy Dolan

The book examines the social processes which have shaped the development and organisation of various marketing practices and activities, and the markets associated with them. Drawing on the figurational-sociological approach associated with Norbert Elias the contributors explain how various markets and related marketing practices and activities are organised, enabled and constrained by the actions of people at different levels of social integration. Collectively, The Social Organisation of Marketing provides insights into topics such as the consumption and of wine in China, the advertising of Guinness, the management of on-line communities in Germany, the corporate social responsibility strategies of multinational energy corporations in Africa, the concept of talent management in contemporary organisations, the child consumer in Ireland, and the constraining and enabling influences of the American corporate organisational structure.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Social Organisation of Marketing: An Introduction

John Connolly and Paddy Dolan

Chapter 2 Wine and China: Making Sense of an Emerging Market with Figurational Sociology

Jennifer Smith Maguire

Chapter 3 Figurational Dynamics and the Function of Advertising at Arthur Guinness & Sons Ltd, 1876–1960

John Connolly

Chapter 4 Unintentional Social Consequences of Disorganised Marketing of Corporate Social Responsibility: Figurational Insights into the Oil and Gas Sector in Africa

Stephen Vertigans

Chapter 5 Organisational Dynamics and the Role of the Child in Markets

Paddy Dolan

Chapter 6 Ballet for the Sun King: Power, Talent and Organisation

John Lever and Stephen Swailes

Chapter 7 “Friends and Followers”: The Social Organisation of Firms’ Online Communities

Ad van Iterson and Johanna Richter

Chapter 8 Organisations and American Collective Self-Understanding

Stephen Mennell

Chapter 9 Figurational Theory, Marketing and Markets: Moving from Description and Technological Empiricism to Empirical–Theoretical Explanations

John Connolly and Paddy Dolan