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ISA World Forum, RC20, Buenos Aires 1-4 August 2012

Posted on by Robert van Krieken

For some reason we haven’t posted this CfP on the blog earlier, but there is a session within RC 20 Comparative Sociology in the ISA World Forum in Buenos Aires, 1-4 August 2012, set aside for Eliasian or figurational papers. The twist is that the deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 December, so you’d need to get a proposal to Stephen and or myself by 10 December, to give us time to look over them. The session has been defined in the broadest possible terms, so it’s really very open-ended. Do please send us an abstract if you’re interested, by 10 December, and we’ll get back shortly after.

Comparative studies of historical and contemporary civilising and decivilising shifts in politics, culture and morality

Robert VAN KRIEKEN, University of Sydney, Australia,
Stephen VERTIGANS, Robert Gordon University, UK,

This session will include comparative sociological research in the following areas:

a) The interrelationships between social justice and levels of pacification and, conversely, injustice and forms of violence;

b) Civilising processes and democratisation: comparative studies of civilisation in relation to democratic transformations around the world;

c) The rise of cross-boundary NGOs such as those associated with environmental, human rights and anti-capitalist movements and concomitant changing power relations;

d) Cultural comparators which are indicative of dynamics of civilising processes. Possible examples include emotions, literature, media, sexuality and sport.

Other topics which fit under the general heading will also be considered