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The Research Group on Civilizing Processes in PanAmazonia – GPPCPAM, with funding from the Amazonas State Research Support Foundation – FAPEAM – and support from the Postgraduate Program Society and Culture in the Amazon – PPGSCA, from the Institute of Philosophy, Sciences Humanities and Social Sciences -IFCHS, and the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy -FEFF, the Federal University of Amazonas and the Federal Institute of Amazonas, will be holding the

II Civilizing Processes Symposium at PanAmazônia

Figuration, Interculturality and Power Relationship

on 28, 29 and 30 April 2020.

It aims to provide debates and reflections on the Amazonian reality with professionals from the most diverse areas of knowledge in the North Region and other countries in PanAmazonia. The II SPCPAM will provide, through round tables, conferences, lectures, workshops and workgroups a debate on themes relevant to the Amazon as a domain of nature. Topics include

  • the consequences of the exploitation of natural resources in a long-term process,
  • mechanization and its implications for social, environmental and economic issues in the region,
  • education and its modalities,
  • health and quality of life,
  • migration and immigration

and other topics in the following working groups:

(1) Language and Educational Policies in PanAmazônia

(2) Environment: Sustainability, Traditional Peoples, Amazonian Communities

(3) Territory and Territorialities in the Amazon: Theories, Processes and Conflicts

(4) Education and Interculturality in PanAmazônia: Plural Educational Figures

(5) Sport and Leisure under the bias of the Civilizing Process

(6) Socioeconomic Development: Civilizing Processes, Coloniality and Decolonialities

(7) Sociocultural Practices and Social Processes in PanAmazônia

(8) State, Development and Human Rights: Social and Political Challenges.


The submission of papers must be carried out until 20 (twenty) March 2020, until 11:59 pm.

The participant must register on the website ( as a “presenter”, then submit the article or expanded abstract according to item 5.2.1 below and Edital No. 02/2019 available on the event website (
When registering, one of the presentation modalities offered (oral communication or poster) must be chosen. Please attach the file in electronic version (in format .doc or .docx) named with the title of the work.


Listening Participants
Until 04/27/2020

Participants with paper presentation – Graduation
R$ 20.00
Until 3/20/2020

Participants with Work Presentation – Postgraduate and Professional
R$ 50.00
Until 3/20/2020


Confirmed presence:

Prof. Dr Vera Weiler

Prof. Dr Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira

Prof. Dr Cas Wouters

Prof. Dr Ademir Gebara

Prof. Dr Tony Honorato

We thank in advance for everyone’s participation, and soon we will be providing more complementary information on the conference website.