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Death of Charles Tilly

Posted on by Stephen Mennell

Sad news just received via the Theory Section of the ASA:

Many of you have heard the sad news already, but for those who haven’t, Charles Tilly passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with lymphoma. He was a prodigious scholar, an innovative theorist, a generous mentor, and steadfast friend to so many of us in the discipline. He had agreed to speak on one of the Theory Section Miniconference panels in August, on the topic of “Theoretical Careers,” in which I asked him to reflect on the ways in which his theoretical ideas had changed over time in dialogue with the complexities of the empirical world. There is no better person than Tilly to speak to this topic, as he rethought and challenged his own theories in substantial and probing ways, in response not only to his empirical research, but also to his conversations and debates within a broad research community. He was a champion of relational thinking, and manifested this commitment in his own far-reaching intellectual networks. His absence will be sorely felt not only on our panel in August, but throughout our discipline and far beyond.

Below, you can find statements from Columbia University about Chuck’s passing.

With warm remembrances,

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