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Booking Open: Symposium in Honour of Professor Eric Dunning

I’m pleased to announce that booking is now open for the Symposium in Honour of Professor Eric Dunning on the 4th March 2017.

Please click here:

Booking should be pretty straightforward. But please be sure to select the right package. The ‘Full’ package (Package A) includes accommodation for Friday and Saturday. The ‘Saturday Residential’ package (Package B) includes accommodation for Saturday night only. The ‘Saturday Day’ package (package C) is for those not planning to stay over.

Even if you’re just planning to come for some of the day on Saturday, you’ll need to book. So please do so asap.

N.B. In the booking screen, it will prompt to ask if you plan to stay for dinner on Saturday evening. Please click yes if you plan to stay. This is the meal that will be funded by the Elias Foundation as per previous correspondence on this event.