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A Civilized Evening with Norbert Elias. University of Edinburgh, 20th February 2014

Posted on by Jason Hughes



Liz Stanley, Emilia Sereva and Jacques Human are organising a ‘Civilized Evening with Norbert Elias’ at the University of Edinburgh on 20th February from 16.00–18.00. Full details of the event are here.

The provisional programme is as follows:


Elias talking 1: ‘The Task of Sociology’ ‘Wishful Thinking’

Readings: What is Sociology?

Elias talking 2: ‘Hegel, Marx, above all Marx’

Reading: Reflections on a Life

Elias talking 3: ‘Excitement, Boredom, Violence’

Readings: The Civilizing Process, and The Germans

Elias talking 4: ‘The Problem of Time’

Reading: The Loneliness of the Dying

Elias talking 5: ‘How To Become Human’

Readings: Involvement and Detachment

Eliasian Moments: Collegial Discussion & Convivial Talk