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8 – 10 December 2022: The Fantasy-Reality Continuum: Science, Religion, Politics Culture

University of Warsaw, 8–10 December 2022

An international conference was celebrated at the University of Warsaw on the theme ‘The Fantasy–Reality Continuum: Science, Religion, Politics, Culture’. Under the auspices of the Norbert Elias Foundation, the steering group for the conference consisted of Marta Bucholc (University of Warsaw), Valerie Dahl (Universität Münster), Marta Gospodarczyk (University of Warsaw), Jason Hughes (University of Leicester), Katie Liston (Ulster University), Stephen Mennell (University College Dublin). The conference took place in Warsaw with some sessions online.

With the aim of promoting the event, a special issue of the Figurations Newsletter provided relevant information about the event in June 2022.

Some of the key speakers’ interventions will soon be available on our YouTube channel, and in the Media page of our website.