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2012: ISA and IIS both announce major conferences

Posted on by Stephen Mennell

As you may be aware both the International Institute of Sociology (IIS) World Congress (Delhi between 16–19 February) and International Sociological Association (ISA) Forum (Buenos Aires between 1–4 August) are being held in 2012. Obviously this is not ideal – especially for people resident in Europe, but also for anyone whose funds will not run to two such gatherings in a year – and we are wondering if it is feasible to organise sessions in India and Argentina.

The IIS has just issued its call for proposals for regular sessions and we have to establish whether there would be sufficient interest to request one or more sessions. Consequently, can you contact Robert van Krieken ( and Stephen Vertigans ( before 28 February 2011 if you would be likely to submit a paper? It would also help us when deciding on potential themes if you could give us an indication about the possible topic. Further details of the conference can be found at

The details of the ISA programme in Buenos Aires have yet to be issued. To assist us in responding when the call for papers is issued, can you again let us know whether you are thinking about attending this conference?