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In this section of the website the Norbert Elias Foundation compiles all primary sources on Norbert Elias.


The original list was compiled by Saskia Visser for the Norbert Elias Foundation in the 1990s. The Foundation tried to get an overview and thereby hired Saskia, who did an excellent job in indexing everything she found.

When the estate went to the Deutsche Literatur Archiv in Marbach the list was handed over to the archive and worked as an official inventory. With the rise of the internet, the list was put online. A revised version has been published by Gerhard Fröhlich and Ingo Mörth in their project HyperElias This site is active.

Advice on Access

Most objects here are located in the Deutsche Literaturarchiv  in Marbach, a town near Stuttgart. From Stuttgart’s main railway station the “Marbach Schillerhöhe” is a 40 min. journey by commuter train and local bus. You can find directions on

Other material is located in the Leicester University Archive

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