The general estate of objects and papers by Norbert Elias is located in the Deutsche Literaturarchiv in Marbach, a town nearby to Stuttgart. From the Stuttgart railway station, the “Marbach Schillerhöhe” is a 40 min. travel by commuter train and local bus. You can find your directions on

Dr John Goodwin, University of Leicester, has written notes for visitors to Marbach; he intended them particularly for non-German-speaking visitors.

Regulations and Restrictions

As in other archives of this kind, there are regulations concerning access to and utilisation of the materials. Not all documents can be seen or used. There are, for example, restrictions on consulting correspondence between Elias and persons who are still alive (permission must be sought in advance from the person in question). Strict regulations govern the publication of material from the archive (see copyrights).

Anyone working in the archive may obtain photocopies or microfilms of particular items, subject to the regulations applicable in each case. For more information, please consult the DLA itself.

The Norbert Elias Foundation and the DLA from time to time offer a Marbach Stipend to assist scholars who wish to spend some time working on the Elias papers. But, apart from that, the Foundation cannot finance expenses related to the consultation of the Elias archive.

A list of objects in the archive can be found at this website under the section Papers in Archives.