CfP: Towards an Eliasian understanding of food in the 21st Century

7th September 2022, Heritage Quay, University of Huddersfield, UK
Supported by the Norbert Elias Foundation, this free event is #hybrid with #facetoface and online #options.
Like many sociologists, Norbert Elias (18971990) did not write directly about
food, more to demonstrate propositions that are wider in scope than the actualities
of eating. Since Elias completed his major works, a vast body of Eliasian inspired
food research has emerged across academic disciplines. The most notable
continuation in the 20th century emerged through the work of Huddersfield born
Stephen Mennell, whose discussions with Elias led to the influential All Manners
of Food (1985).

In the intervening decades, Mennell’s work has influenced many in food studies,
including Alan Warde (2016) and others involved in the development of theories
of practice. In the early 21st century, specific Eliasian accounts have emerged
through John Lever’s work on the meat industry and religious food markets (2017;
2021) and Jennifer Smith Maguire’s work on contemporary wine markets (2017;
2021); Connolly and Dolan’s (2017) work on marketing, organisations and
markets also comes to mind.

More broadly, as the Eliasian inspired environmental sociologist Debbie Kasper
(2016; 2021) notes, food provides a fascinating way of exploring many emerging
issues to which the modern eye is blind. This came to the fore at the recent
conference to celebrate the life and work of Joop Goudsblom in Amsterdam,
where Nina Baur (2022) discussed long term processes as obstacles to food system
sustainability in the context of a fourth ecological transformation.

This free to present and attend symposium invites papers on the following themes:

o Eliasian influences on food studies

o Food & drink markets

o Food & the fourth ecological transformation

o Advertising, marketing & branding

o Informalisation & digital food transformations

o All manners of food in the 21st century

Places are limited. Short abstracts of 250 words maximum by 31stMay, 2022 to

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