CfP: The State, Organisations, and Established–Outsider Relations

European Sociological Association

15th ESA Conference in Barcelona / Spain, 31 August–03 September 2021

Research Stream 18 (RS18): The State, Organisations, and Established–Outsider Relations

This stream considers the relationship between the state and other organizations in the form of established–outsider relations. It considers how these relations shape existing social contexts, their dynamic nature and possible alternative organizational forms that may emerge. The state has long been recognised as a form of complex organization (Weber, 1978) that performs a significant function in shaping (in conjunction with other social processes) the structures and practices of other organizations. The relations between the state and extra-state organizations can be understood as characterised by an established–outsider structure (Elias and Scotson, 2008[1965]) with the state, through those representing it, often holding an established position.

We invite submissions including (but not restricted to) the following:

  • How does an analysis of established–outsider relations involving the state and organizations contribute to sociological knowledge?
  • How do the relations between state and non-state organizations produce specific organizational structures and/or new social movements?
  • How can we theorize the state, organizing practices and extra-state organization in terms of established–outsider relations?
  • In what ways, and to what extent, can the relationship between the state and extra-state organizations, like MNCs, be understood as having been reversed in terms of established–outsider relations?
  • How can various social movements, as outsider groups, re-shape organizing and organizations?
  • How do organizations at different tiers of social organization shape the organization of a state or state functions such as education, defence, taxation etc.?
  • What are the social dynamics that lead to the greater integration of outsider groups in organizations?

Research Stream Coordinators:

John Connolly, Dublin City University (Ireland).

Paddy Dolan,Technological University Dublin (Ireland).

Stephen Vertigans, Robert Gordon University (Scotland).


Submission Deadline is 15 February 2021. Please submit via






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