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  • Cambio: Open Lab in Covid-19

    The Italian journal Cambio, which aims to promote theoretical and analytical debates at the international level, based on contributions focused on change processes that affect individuals and societies, created an Open Lab section to accelerate the publication of studies related ... Read More

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  • XVIII International Symposium on Civilizing Processes 2020: Changes due to COVID-19 crisis.

      Greetings, Many university activities and events planned for this year 2020 have been affected by the global health crisis of COVID-19. The case of international events is even more sensitive, since borders have been closed in some countries and we do not know for su ... Read More

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  • In Memoriam Johan Goudsblom (1932-2020)

    by Nico Wilterdink On March 17 of this year, Johan (Joop for friends) Goudsblom died at the age of 87 in his hometown Amsterdam. From 1968 until his retirement in 1997 he was a professor of sociology at the University of Amsterdam. During that time, he has shaped generat ... Read More

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  • Joop Goudsblom: A Short Reading List

      In his obituary for the late Johan Goudsblom (1932–2020), Stephen Mennell mentioned some examples that showcased Joop’s particular synthesis of bio-ecological evolution and sociological developments. The following post expands some of Stephen’s remarks through a b ... Read More

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  • Nathalie Heinich: Eliasian reflections on “self-isolation” in the pandemic

    In the original French, this article appeared in Le Monde, 4 April 2020, under the title « Il y a ce à quoi nous sommes reliés, nous tous, confinés mais interdépendants, responsables, solidaires et fiers de l’être » ... Read More

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