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  • Civilisation as Deferred Gratification

    Stephen Mennell will give a lecture on 'Childhood and Society: Civilisation as Deferred Gratification' at 18:00 on Tuesday 23 January in the Interdisziplinäres Zentrum: Kindheiten, Gesellschaften, of the Fakultät Human- und Sozialwissenschaften at the Bergische Univers ... Read More

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  • Eros and Thanatos — new book by Hans-Peter Waldhoff

    Eros and Thanatos as Driving Forces of Thought: Psychoanalytical and Epistemological Perspectives   In modern, ostensibly enlightened societies, people tend to deny both their destructive passions as well as their own mortality. This book postulates that such repres ... Read More

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    Eros und ThanatosHans-Peter WaldhoffNew book

  • Elias Conference, Brussels, 5-8 December 2018

    Global Interdependencies: What’s new in the human society of individuals? The political and academic relevance of Norbert Elias’s work today  Brussels, Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles 5–8 December 2018 The Research Centre in Political Science (CReSPo) ... Read More

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  • Kilminster conference: The Sociology of Sociology in Long-term Perspective

    Invitation to: The Sociology of Sociology in Long-term Perspective: A conference in honour of Richard Kilminster Dear Colleague, You are warmly invited to attend a special two-day conference: The Sociology of Sociology in Long-term Perspective: A conference in honour of Ric ... Read More

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  • Comparative-historical sociology and ‘crackpot realism’

    A special issue of the online journal Human Figurations has been published on the theme of ‘Comparative-historical sociology as antidote to the “crackpot realism” of the twenty-first century’. The engaging term ‘crackpot realism’ was coined by C. Wright Mills in The S ... Read More

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