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  • Comparative-historical sociology and ‘crackpot realism’

    A special issue of the online journal Human Figurations has been published on the theme of ‘Comparative-historical sociology as antidote to the “crackpot realism” of the twenty-first century’. The engaging term ‘crackpot realism’ was coined by C. Wright Mills in The S ... Read More

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  • Eros und Thanatos — new book by Hans-Peter Waldhoff

    (For our valued German readers.)   Hans-Peter Waldhoff Eros und Thanatos als Triebkräfte des Denkens Psychoanalytische und erkenntniskritische Perspektiven   Etwa 120 S. · br. · EUR 19,90 ISBN 978-3-95832-137-3 (erscheint 1.9.2017)   ... Read More

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    Eros und ThanatosHans-Peter WaldhoffNew book

  • Fashion, beauty and Elias

    The journal Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty is looking for contributions to the study of fashion, body, beauty, identity and appearance. This flagship fashion journal of Intellect Books launched 8 years ago, spearheaded a successful series of visual culture journals ... Read More

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  • New book: Excitement Processes

    Jan Haut, Paddy Dolan, Dieter Reicher and Raúl Sánchez García (eds), Excitement Processes : Norbert Elias’s unpublished works on sports, leisure, body, culture (Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2017), 322 pp. ISBN: 9783658149116. This book contains some of the most important of El ... Read More

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  • New Book: The Social Organisation of Marketing: A Figurational Approach

    The Social Organisation of Marketing: A Figurational Approach to People, Organisations, and Markets Editors: John Connolly and Paddy Dolan The book examines the social processes which have shaped the development and organisation of various marketing practices and activities ... Read More

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