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  • Norbert Elias and Catherine Deneuve …

    Florence Delmotte has written a short essay on "Norbert Elias, Catherine Deneuve and gender equality", now published online in an English translation:  Read More

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  • Doing Things Differently: Workshop in Honour of Eric Dunning

    On 1-3 July 2019, an interdisciplinary workshop in honour of the life and work of the late Professor Eric Dunning has been organised by Jan Davies, Laurie Parsons and Will Davies, all of the University of Leicester. The workshop will run from the 1st–3rd July 2019 and is suppor ... Read More

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  • Eric Dunning: An Appreciation

    Eric Dunning, b. 27 December 1936; d. 10 February 2019 Professor Eric Dunning of the University of Leicester, distinguished sociologist, prominent advocate of the process-sociological perspective, and founding father of the sociology of sport, has died after a long illness. ... Read More

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  • Funeral of Eric Dunning

    Michael Dunning confirms that his father's funeral will take place at 3.30 pm (GMT) on Friday 1st March at Great Glen Crematorium. The address is: London Road Great Glen Leicester LE8 9DJ All are welcome. Stephen Mennell Read More

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  • Death of Eric Dunning

    We are very sad to announce that Eric Dunning, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Leicester, died early in the morning of Sunday 10 February 2019. Eric was one of the best known – and most loved – of the sociologists who followed in the footsteps of Norbe ... Read More

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